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20:163 Introduction to Theatre I [Russell]

Prerequisites: Nil.


An introductory survey course that examines the building blocks of theatre. Through structured play, improvisation and creative exploration participants will increase their self-awareness, confidence, and communications skills. While the primary focus of the course is on the development of performance skills, this course is also an introduction to historical and social contexts of contemporary theatre practice. As such students will be introduced to various forms of live performance and will critically engage with the form and content in order to locate themselves as creators within a performance community.

3 studio hours per term , one term

Successors: 20:164, 20:267.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 20:163 in the BU Course Transfer Database.


Instructor: Jacqueline Russell

20:173 Theatre and Identity [Russell]

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor.


Diverse voices and stories have not always been included in traditional theatre spaces. This course will examine how marginalized voices have invented creative platforms for theatrical storytelling outside of traditional realms. Through embodied practice the strategies and possibilities that exist at the intersection of identity and storytelling will be explored.

Cross-registered with (Gender and Women"s Studies) 36:173.

3 studio hours per term, one term

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 20:173 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: Jacqueline Russell

20:267 Character Study I [Russell]

Prerequisites: 20:163 or 20:164 or 20:165 or permission of Instructor.


This course explores creative resources, theories, and practices for the actor. Through investigating theory, practical experiential learning, and self-driven creation students will be introduced to the craft of creating characters for the stage. Students will develop a sense of confidence in performance, learning essential skills that will aid in making strong choices as an actor, and engaging in a conversation with their audience as well as developing a critical eye towards practice and process.

3 studio hours per term, one term

Successors: 20:268, 20:353, 20:356, 20:368.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 20:267 in the BU Course Transfer Database.


Instructor: Jacqueline Russell