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1 Reading English for Academic Purposes [Moes]

This course is for L1, L2 Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Learning a language involves connecting ideas, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, transitions and structure, at a sentence level. It also involves connecting ideas at an "idea level" - main ideas, supporting ideas and paragraphs. Students must complete coursework of brainstorming, skill development, analysis and critical thinking tasks and activities. Grading will be done throughout the week, and students will be expected to complete assignments in a timely manner. Students will develop solid study, communication and teamwork-building skills. Time will be spent on reading one English novel by the end of the term.

Instructor: Noel Moes

3 Listening & Speaking [Davis]

This course will develop language skills in listening and speaking required for academic success. Classes will involve structured practice, exercises, and assignments through both group and individual work, along with a strong emphasis on expanding vocabulary. Students will be helped toward developing their skills in critical thinking, while also strengthening their study skills and exploring a range of learning strategies, as a preparation for working effectively and confidently in an academic environment. 

Instructor: Ben Davis

3 Reading English for Academic Purposes [Robinson]

Students will develop their ability to read more efficiently and effectively through the exploration of a variety of pieces.  Focus will be in developing reading skills and habits as well as acquiring and expanding an academic vocabulary.  Students will be required to complete at least one English language novel before the end of the term.

Instructor: Kelly Robinson

3 Writing English for Academic Purposes [Davis]

This intermediate level English writing course is designed to assist students for whom English is a second language. Students will continue to develop their ability to write in a clear, communicative style. They will gain better control of common sentence structures and the conventional methods of paragraph development. They will develop their understanding of the three-part essay, including writing thesis statements, and will compose short, well-organized, and informative essays on familiar topics.

Throughout the course, there will be specific focus on sentence level writing skills, paragraph structures, and the features of the essay.

In this way, students will increase their understanding of the essential elements and processes of writing fundamentals. They will gain better control of the language and structures they will need to produce academic prose.

Instructor: Ben Davis

4 Reading & Writing English for Academic Purposes [Robinson]

Students in Level 4 are trained in university success strategies such as library research, lectures and note-taking, and oral and written presentation in addition to courses in writing, reading and listening and speaking.

Instructor: Kelly Robinson

4A Listening & Speaking [Birch]

4A Listening & Speaking

This course will focus on refining English Listening and Speaking skills to foster further studies. Practical practice tasks will be involved in in-class and additional assignments.  A strong focus on Vocabulary development will be included.

Instructor: Patricia Birch

4A Study Skills [Birch]

4A Study Skills

This course is designed to help students achieve their best study results through exposure to strategies to deal with research assignments, academic reading and writing and test taking, as well as to cope with the rules and expectations associated with an unfamiliar academic culture.

Instructor: Patricia Birch