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Online Orientation

Online Orientation will introduce you to key concepts, terminology, services and supports that will guide you on your university journey.  Online Orientation is designed so that you can move through the information at your own pace.

Enrollment Key: Orientation

New Student Advising

This is an online tutorial for new students. The information session teaches students how to use the course calendar and the registration guide, what is involved in the mandatory course advising process, and is vital in preparing the student for their advising appointment.

New students must complete the Moodle tutorial before their academic advising appointment. 

The enrolment key is "newbustudent".

Enter the enrolment key in the field below and click "Enrol Me" to enter the course. 

Learning Skills Online Modules

This course hosts short recordings and information on various academic skills topics. Please use these materials to learn strategies and develop skills to be successful at the college level. If you have questions about any of this material or would like more in-depth, individualized support, please use the links here to make an appointment with the Learning Skills Specialist.


Learning Skills

Learning Skills services are available to assist with the transition to university and to help all students succeed while at Brandon University. Individual learning skills assistance is available by calling 204-727-9737 or by booking an online appointment that fits your

Math Video Archive

Math Videos created for BU student services by Paola DiMuro

Instructor: Paola Di Muro


The Success1 Transition Program provides support during the transition to university to facilitate student success!

Instructor: Michelle Bessette