Prerequisites: 69:251 with "C" or better grade or permission of Instructor.

This is a 4 credit hour course that supplements theory and discussion with a student volunteer experience.

In this course, students will discuss issues and concerns that apply to people who live with, or who are affcted by, developmental challenges. The concept of intellectual disability and the challenges it imposes will be explored. Causes and associated conditions, assessment approaches, ways of helping (including Positive Behaviour Support), methods of prevention and surrounding issues, and effects on the person throughout the lifespan will be considered. The impact of related challenges on the family as well as on the individual with intellectual disability will be examined. In addition, specific approaches to service provision and support will be described, including the role played by nurses. Attention will be given to models and practices related to community integration and participation. Some focus will be given to persistent and emerging areas of contention and controversy.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 69:377 in the BU Course Transfer Database.