Prerequisites: 74:161 or 74:151 with "B-" or better grade and 62:181 or permission of Instructor.

Cannot be held with: 74:132 or 74:152.

This course is a calculus-based introduction to waves, optics, electricity and magnetism, and quantum physics. Topics include simple harmonic motion and travelling waves, wave optics, ray optics, modern optics, Coulomb's Law, electric field and potential, electric circuits, Biot-Savart Law, magnetic field and induction, quantization, the Bohr hydrogen atom, and an overview of Einstein's Special Relativity. This course, like 74:161, is intended for students considering further studies in physics, engineering or the physical sciences. Students intending to major or minor in physics must also take 62:182 Calculus concurrently.

3 lecture hours per week, 3 laboratory hours per week , one term