16:261 F00 Marketing Fundamentals [Lane]

Prerequisites: Nil.


As an introductory course, Marketing Fundamentals is designed to help students explore marketing as a societal, consumer and managerial process. Although the broad focus is on understanding the societal and consumer implications of marketing activities, students will also adopt a managerial perspective to consider how marketing decisions about the choice of target markets and the development of product/service, price, promotion and distribution strategies influence the evolution of the exchange process and the satisfaction of buyer needs.

3 lecture hours per term, one term

Successors: 16:365, 16:366, 16:367, 16:368, 16:369, 16:372, 16:373, 16:374, 16:386, 16:395, 16:435.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 16:261 in the BU Course Transfer Database.