16:366 Advertising Principles [Zhuang]

Prerequisite: both of the following: 16:261, 16:368 or permission of Instructor.

The course is designed to develop an understanding of advertising and promotion from an integrated marketing communications (IMC) perspective. It emphasizes both traditional and non-traditional advertising and promotional tools, and how other key elements within the marketing communications mix (e.g., advertising, direct marketing, promotion and the Internet) can be integrated into marketing communication. Students will be provided small cases to analyze the role of the IMC practitioner in an organization by applying
logical and strategic thinking to solve communication problems.

 To have a broad overview of the marketing communications process, and an insight into the changing nature of the marketing environment.
 To understand how the marketing communications mix (e.g., advertising, promotion, direct marketing and the Internet) are integrated.
 To learn how consumer behavior, creative strategies, communication process, market research, and program evaluation tools can be used to effectively design advertising and promotion programs.
 Students are expected to spend at least five hours per week in working on the coursework: reading lecture materials, preparing assignments and projects.

3 lecture hours per week, one term.

Instructor: HEJUN ZHUANG