Welcome to 12 351 / 88 551 Anthropology of Development!

This course provides an ethnographic, theoretical, and methodological overview of the history, applied practices, and interdisciplinary relationship between anthropology and international development. This course, which specifically focuses on the ways in which anthropology has critically evaluated and contributed to rural and urban development processes in the Global South, begins by introducing the core concepts, theoretical positions, and methodologies associated with the anthropology of development, and anthropology in development. Using ethnographic case studies and by exploring the politics, policies, and practices associated with international development, the course will address the complex ways that development introduces change. By attending to anthropologies of development policy-making, bureaucracy and neoliberal governance, and through the use of ethnographic case studies, students will gain in-depth insights into the contexts of and actors involved with development. The course will conclude with an appraisal of the role played by anthropologists who qualitatively evaluate, or work on behalf of, development.