16:435 Small Business Management [Malazdrewicz]

16:435 Small Business Management (6)

Prerequisites: 16:151, 16/62:170, 16:180, 16:252, 16:261, 16:278, 16:283, 16:292, 16:367, 16:391, 16:395 and 16:396 or permission of Instructor.

This course is designed to be taken in the students final year of studies, after all required core courses have been completed. It integrates concepts and tools learned in the prerequisite courses and shows how to apply these tools to manage and operate small business successfully. The topics will be presented from a variety of perspectives and students will prepare analyses from these perspectives. Students will also be required to develop, present, and critically analyze a detailed business plan describing their ideas for starting and operating a small business as well as assist a local business solve an existing problem.

3 lecture hours per week, both terms

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 16:435 in the BU Course Transfer Database.