68:442 Practicum Seminar [Navid]

Prerequisite: Admission into the Clinical Specialization Stream, successful completion of all 300 level courses in the Clinical specialization Stream with a cumulative g.p.a. of 2.7 and permission of Department Chair.
A two to three day per-week professionally supervised practicum in a multi-disciplinary human service setting for the completion of 420 hours over 26 weeks during the fall and winter terms. Students will receive training and development of human service skills, integration of human service theories, skill-based training and professional documentation in a practice setting. This time commitment includes agency-based practice activities and performance evaluation. It also includes an on-campus integrative practicum seminar. Students will become familiar with the operations of a human service agency including client/staff interaction and employee responsibilities.
6 clinical field work hours per week, 26 weeks.

Instructor: Carla Navid