Prerequisites: 03:351/03:352/06:352.

This course deals with the philosophy, content and suggested teaching strategies of the Manitoba Middle Years and Senior Years Science curricula. The principal focus of the course is practical - becoming professionally conversant in the foundations, structure, organization, and the terminology of the Manitoba science curriculum in order to inform planning and delivery of high-level science learning experiences. The grade level foci will be Grades 5-10 as these are typical entry points for beginning teachers of science irrespective of teacher candidate background. The design and implementation of curriculum-aligned science learning activities will be grounded in the teacher candidates' own vision of what constitutes an ideal learning environment for themselves as a teacher of science. Innovative and effective ways of having students interact directly with some of the more difficult science concepts at particular grade levels are intended to be an integral part of the course.

4 lecture hours per term, one term; includes a field experience in a Brandon area secondary science classroom.

Successors: 03:454.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 03:354 in the BU Course Transfer Database.