68:345 Foundations of Counselling [Navid]

Prerequisites: all of the following: 68:151, 68:152, 12 credit hours of Native Studies at the 200 level or above and 68:140/141 or 68:155/156 or 68:157/158 or 68/58:171/172.

For students admitted into the Clinical Specialization stream in Native studies, this course provides a basic introduction to 225 counselling fundamentals used in the helping profession with opportunities for students to learn and practice interviewing and counselling from Aboriginal perspectives. Prevailing Western theories of counselling will be discussed and critically considered. Basic interviewing and counselling theories and skills will be introduced, critically examined and practiced. Emphasis will be placed on micro-skills training and practice with ongoing demonstration of skill development in supportive strengths-based practice sessions.

3 lecture hours per week, one term.

Instructor: Carla Navid