62:090 Basic Mathematics [Payne]

Prerequisite: Open to students having no credit in 40S Pre-Calculus (or equivalent) nor any university level Mathematics course. Special cases require permission of Department.

This course is intended for students who are conscious of deficiencies in their mathematical training and who wish an opportunity to remedy these before enrolling in other courses in mathematics, computer science, physical sciences, or statistics. Topics studied include a review of arithmetic, elementary algebra, and basic geometry; algebra of polynomials, fractional expressions, radicals, and quadratic functions; solutions of linear inequalities, quadratic equations, radical equations, and systems of linear equations; logarithmic functions; and trigonometric functions. Students may take a pretest to determine if only one term is needed. There is no transfer credit from other universities for this course. Credit will be granted for only one of 62:090 or 62:091.

Note: Students may count for credit a maximum of 6 credit hours of 090/091 level courses within any undergraduate degree. 3 lecture hours per week, 3 laboratory hours per week, both terms.

Instructor: Sally Payne