Prerequisites: 74:151 or permission of Instructor.

Cannot be held with: 74:132 or 74:162.

This is a non-calculus survey course in Physics covering topics in waves, optics, electricity and magnetism, and an introduction to quantum physics. Emphasis will be on applications of Physics in the life sciences. Topics include simple harmonic motion and travelling waves, wave optics, ray optics, Coulomb's Law, electric field and potential, electric circuits, magnetic field and an introduction to quantum physics. This course, like 74:151, is intended for students seeking a comprehensive course in Physics at the university level or entry into health science programs.

3 lecture hours per week , 3 laboratory hours per week , one term

Successors: 42:269, 62:276, 62:364, 74:254, 74:269, 74:272, 74:273, 74:275, 74:276, 74:284, 74:364, 94:254.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 74:152 in the BU Course Transfer Database.