78:352 Women in Politics [Saunders]

Prerequisite: 78:172 or permission of Instructor.

This course explores women’s political behaviour and participation in politics, focusing primarily on the experiences of women in North America and the post-industrialized world. It explores the marginalization of women in political theory and within the discipline of political science, and the cultural, institutional and structural barriers to political engagement that women continue to face. Given these barriers, we will explore the non-conventional forms of political expression that women have historically engaged in to secure their democratic and political rights, focusing on women’s movements and grassroots organization. Lastly, we will explore the ways in which women think and do politics differently, and the impacts of these differences in terms of policy, law and process.

Cross-registered with (Gender and Women's Studies) 36:352.

3 lecture hours per week, one term.

Instructor: Kelly Saunders