Prerequisites: 69:351 or 69:361 or 69:364. Also completion of Year III courses of B.N. program.

69:355 or 69:357 or 69:368.

This course provides the student with an overview of population health and community health theory. The concepts of population health promotion; prevention of disease and disability; and health maintenance of groups and communities will be explored. Assessment of the health of populations will be discussed and populations at risk will be identified. Community health promotion strategies will be analyzed and critiqued. The roles and influences of government, healthy public policy and public participation will be examined in relation to the health of the community.

Cross-registered with (Psychiatric Nursing)69:360.

3 lecture hours per term , 4 clinical practise hours per term , one term


Transfer Equivalents: Look up 71:360 in the BU Course Transfer Database.