90:445 Sex and The State [Petrella]

Prerequisite: 9 credit hours of Sociology or permission of Instructor.

This course explores the ways in which the state regulates love, intimacy and sexuality. Students will learn the theoretical approaches to the Law in Sociological thought, and use them as frames to study a number of relevant themes in the regulation of sexuality by the state. Themes explored will include the transformation of state-sanctioned conjugal unions, from heterosexual marriage, to common-law unions, to civil same-sex marriage; the prosecution of sexual dissidents; intimate partner violence; sexual violence; abortion and reproductive justice; sex work and human trafficking; BDSM; obscenity Law and pornography; the regulation of sexual public spaces (public sex clubs, bathhouses, dungeons). We will move beyond an examination of these concepts in the law, and dedicate attention to prosecution cases and defense tactics in the courts, as well as the evolution of police practices adopted in first contact with perpetrators and victims alike.

Cross-registered with (Justice Studies) 56:445 and (Sociology) 90:445.
3 lecture hours per week, one term.

Instructor: Serena Petrella