Prerequisites: Approval of Graduate Program Advisor.

How have students with disabilities and difference, often referred to as students with exceptionalities, been understood and responded to within educational systems? This overview course introduces the student to current theories and approaches in inclusive education. Emphasis will include a critical examination of the history of special and inclusive education in Canada, as well as current categorizations and system responses to ‘exceptionality’ (both disability and giftedness) within formal institutions of schooling. Critical approaches such as disability studies, equity studies, intersectionality and human rights will be included. The ways in which race, class, gender and sexuality intersect with disability and in the lives of children and families in and beyond schools will be examined. An essential question of the course is: How can public schools respond to difference and disability not as a problem that needs to be solved, but as a matter of social justice and fundamental part of human variety?

3 lecture hours per term, one term

This course will be delivered by the Internet

Successors: 04:751.

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