Prerequisite: 12 credit hours in English literature (ENGL) or permission of Instructor.

This seminar course provides an opportunity to study Jane Austen’s fiction with focus and concentration, examining her contributions to the novel form and to women’s writing. We will take a cultural, historical, and feminist approach to Austen’s writing, interpreting her work within the context of the Regency period in order to explore her reactions to her historical and cultural moment. We may take a brief look at some of her minor or incomplete works, but we will spend most of the course on her full-length novels, exploring her texts as individual works, while also considering intersections and departures among her novels in order to understand more fully Austen’s complexities. We may also give a little time to considering recent cinematic adaptations or reworkings inspired by Austen.
Cross-registered with (Gender & Women’s Studies) 36:451.

3 lecture hours per week, one term.