Prerequisites: 69:255.

Cannot be held with: 69:354.

In this course students gain knowledge of the principles of palliative care for persons with life-threatening and life-ending illnesses. Emphasis is placed on understanding symptom management within a familial context from the perspective of a multi-disciplinary team. Students have the opportunity to explore their own beliefs and values about living and dying and to examine how their own experiences contribute to their professional practice role in palliative care.

1.5 lecture hours per week, one term

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 69:272 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

** Please Note: This course deals with sensitive and emotional material and videos displaying actual deaths will be viewed. Students are encouraged to be mindful of their own self-care and are encouraged to seek out support if required. The course professor is available for debriefing and support. Please contact me via email to make an appointment