62:181 Calculus I [Williams]

Prerequisites: Precalculus 40S (or equivalent) or 62:090 or permission of Instructor.

Students with "A'' level Mathematics (G.C.E.) may receive Advanced Placement for 62:181.

This course is intended for students who desire an introduction to calculus for use in applications and will stress intuitive methods of presentation. Topics include functions, limits, continuity, slope, differentiation, maxima and minima, area and integration, selected applications from the Physical, Life, Earth and Social Sciences.

3 lecture hours per term, 2 laboratory hours per term, one term

Successors: 18:274, 62:191, 62:265, 62:275, 62:276, 62:383, 72:281, 74:162, 74:272, 74:276, 74:281.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 62:181 in the BU Course Transfer Database.