16:180 Introduction to Information Management [Malazdrewicz]

Prerequisites: 16/62:170. Also registration in/completion of 6 credit hours of Business Administration or 62:160 or any 100 level Computer Science course.

This course focuses on a study of the role of Information Management in organizations starting at the level of information systems for routine daily transaction processing and accounting and progressing through management reporting, administrative, external communications, decision support, and expert systems uses/applications. The purpose of the course is to demonstrate the many ways in which Information Technology can be utilized as the base for developing effective information system applications in organizations. The primary components of computer systems in organizations and their roles and interactions will be studied. The course will also introduce important issues in the management of information and information processing resources in organizations.

3 lecture hours per week, one term

Successors: 16:251, 16:435.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 16:180 in the BU Course Transfer Database.