40:273/90:273 Sociology of Disaster [Yasui]

40:273 & 90:273 Sociology of Disaster (3)

Prerequisites: 90:154 or permission of Instructor. Or 6 credit hours in Anthropology, Disaster and Emergency Studies, Economics, Environmental Science, Geography, History, Native Studies, Political Science, Psychology, or Rural Development.

This course examines the theoretical perspectives, research, and policy issues in the sociological study of disaster with an interdisciplinary approach. Considerable attention will be given to the cultural, social, economic and political aspects of a wide range of natural disasters and catastrophic events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, famines, epidemics, oil spills, plane crashes, nuclear plant accidents, terrorism, colonization of indigenous peoples, and wars.

Cross-registered with (Sociology) 90:273.

3 lecture hours per term, one term

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 40:273 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: Etsuko Yasui