15:370 Molecular Cell Biology [Ardelli]

Prerequisite: Genetics

Antirequisite: 94:270.

Molecular Cell biology aims to combine the distinct, yet comple­mentary disciplines of molecular biology and cell biology. The molecular component of the course examines nucleic acids and proteins, macromolecules that are essential to life. The cell com­ponent of the course integrates knowledge of the cell at the molec­ular level into an understanding of processes and interactions at the cellular level. Molecular Cell Biology emphasizes topics such as: cell signaling membrane dynamics, cell death, gene expres­sion, nucleic acid metabolism, chromosome biology, nuclear trans­port, protein structure and metabolism and cellular microbiology (host-pathogen interactions). The laboratory component of the course will cover techniques in proteomics, systems biology, func­tional genomics, mutagenesis and microarray technology.

3 lecture hours per week, 3 laboratory hours per week, one term.

Instructor: Bernadette Ardelli