54/36:359 Women, Gender, and Family in Latin America [Harms]

Prerequisite: 6 credit hours in History and/or Gender & Women's Studies.

This course will survey the role of Latin American women in family and society, with an emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Following Latin America's independence from Spain, the nineteenth century represented a unique time for women. While women were presented with new opportunities in education and the work place, the political ideology of Liberalism reduced their civil and legal rights. Despite these restrictions, the emergence of a "feminist" consciousness emerged during the early twentieth century. This course will explore the rise of women's movement organized for legal and social change in suffrage, health care, labour rights, civil rights, and access to education. We will also highlight the role of women during periods of political crisis such as revolutions.

Cross-registered with (Gender and Women's Studies) 36:359

3 lecture hours per week, one term.
Instructor: Patricia Harms