88:564 Rural Resource Development [Ramsey]

Prerequisites: Nil.

Rural communities in Canada have traditionally been reliant on biophysical resources as economic bases. As resource supply and demand changes, the future of resource-based communities comes into question. This course begins by reviewing economic theories relevant to resource communities (e.g., staples and export-based theories). Using regional inventories, the current states of resource-dependent regions in Canada are explored (e.g., cod fishery, mine closures, changing farm structure). The course then examines the public policy implications of these issues (e.g., local economic development programs), as well as the regulatory framework for resource development in Canada (e.g., Environment Impact Assessment processes). A seminar format is adopted.

May not be taken by students with credit in 38/88:464.

Cross-registered with (Geography/Rural Development) 38/88:464.

3 seminar hours per term, one term

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 88:564 in the BU Course Transfer Database.