Prerequisites: Nil.

A non-mathematical general survey of the history of astronomy and the components of our solar system. The course will describe the basic tools of astronomy (including telescopes and fundamental description of electromagnetic radiation, or light), ancient views of the skies (including Native American mythology) and the historical framework that modern astronomy developed from, and a survey of the planets, moons, comets. As well, we will look at the many new extra-solar planets that have been discovered within the last 15 years, and how the discovery that's planets around stars are commonplace has changed the way we view our own solar system. Many examples of the latest astronomical observations and recent space probes are included and several visits to the observatory will be arranged. While this is a general course, the content is particularly appropriate for those who are considering teaching as a career.

3 lecture hours per term, one term

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 74:184 in the BU Course Transfer Database.