62:182 Linear Algebra I [Williams]

Prerequisites: Preferably Precalculus 40S (or equivalent) or 62:090 or Mathematics 40S or Applied Mathematics 40S.

This course is an elementary introduction to the techniques of linear algebra. Topics include: systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, vectors, vector spaces and subspaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and linear mappings. Selected applications will be presented. Complex vector spaces will be discussed.

3 lecture hours per term, 2 laboratory hours per term , one term

Successors: 62:192, 62:252, 62:263, 62:275, 62:293, 62:355, 62:377, 62:480, 62:481, 62:487.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 62:182 in the BU Course Transfer Database.