40:151 Introduction to Disaster Studies [Yasui]

40:151 Introduction to Disaster Studies (3)

Prerequisites: Nil.

This course will introduce students to the basic models, theories, and concepts that underlie modern emergency management"s understanding of hazards and disasters. Students will examine the Canadian hazardscape by applying various hazard models to recent and historical cases. The interdependence of physical, social, and economic characteristics in determining vulnerability will be considered in past disasters and for future planning. The importance of hazard and risk management in a comprehensive emergency management program will also be presented. This course introduces students to topics that form the foundation for later A-DES courses.

3 lecture hours per term, one term

Successors: 40:251, 40:252, 40:254, 40:362.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 40:151 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: Etsuko Yasui