15:282 Principles of Genetics [Ahmad]

Prerequisites: 14/94:162 and 14/94:163 or permission of Instructor.

The course is broadly divided into three areas i) an examination of Mendelian inheritance, and the expansion of Mendelian principles, ii) an analysis of the molecular basis of inheritance, thus providing an introduction to the structure and function of genes, and, iii) an examination of variation in gene frequencies both within and between populations, relating that variation to the concepts of species and evolution. Laboratory assignments complement the material presented in lecture, and familiarize students with techniques employed in genetic research. (Formerly 14:382). Zoology students should consult the calendar entry for that department for their prerequisites.

Cross-registered with (Zoology) 94:282.

3 lecture hours per term, 3 laboratory hours per term , one term

Successors: 94:350, 94:372, 94:470, 94:474.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 14:282 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: Faiz Ahmad