40:355 Disaster Recovery and Mitigation [Yasui]

Prerequisites: 40:151 and 40:152 or permission of Instructor.

Credit cannot be held for both this course and 40:252.

The course provides students a critical perspective on the interwoven theories, practices and processes involved in disaster recovery and hazard mitigation. Students will learn how individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and governments can and do act to recover from disaster impacts and build more disaster resilient communities. Social, economic, physical and environmental issues in the recovery period will be considered. Both structural and non-structural mitigation strategies are examined, as these are promoted through preparedness and planning before, during and after disaster events. Canadian and international case studies of pre- and post-event mitigation will be examined with emphasis on community participation in the local planning process.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 40:355 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: Etsuko Yasui