15:480 Biology of the Fungi [Untereiner]

Prerequisites: 14/94:162 and 14/94:163 or permission of Instructor.

The Fungi comprise one of the largest Kingdoms of eukaryotes. They rival flowering plants in the species diversity, outweigh the biomass of all other organisms in forest soils and drive the global carbon cycle. The importance of fungi as spoilage organisms, the agents of disease, and sources of useful metabolites is well recognized. What is generally less appreciated is their ecological significance as mutualists with algae and higher plants ( i.e. as lichens and mycorrhzae) and their impact on the evolution of the prokaryotes, protists, plants, animals, and other fungi. Lectures will explore the biodiversity, ecology, importance, physiology and systematics of the members of this Kingdom. Laboratory periods will stress techniques employed in the isolation and characterization of the fungi, the use of sterile technique, and the operation of standard laboratory equipment.

3 lecture hours per term, 3 laboratory hours per term, one term

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 14:380 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: Wendy Untereiner