42:480/31:480 Geobiology [Li]

Prerequisites: 42/94:374 or 42/14/31:368 or permission of Instructor.

Geobiology is an interdisciplinary subject that explores interactions between the biosphere and the geosphere throughout Earth's history. Since life began it has continually shaped and reshaped the atmosphere and the solid earth. This course introduces the concept of "life as a geological agent" and examines the interactions between organisms and the earth system during the roughly 4.0 billion years since life first appeared. The objective of the course is to teach geobiological concepts fundamental to understanding the origin, evolution, and distribution (paleobiogeography) of life on Earth, and the interaction between life and its environment through time. The course will also examine critical moments in earth history that have had a major impact on the diversification of life.

Cross-registered with (Geology) 42:480.

3 lecture hours per week, 3 laboratory hours per week , one term

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 31:480 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: Rong-Yu Li