70:487 Origins of Western Thought [Robinson]

70:487 Origins of Western Thought (3)

Prerequisites: 70:253.

The content of this course will vary, but each offering will cover topics in ancient Greek and/or Roman philosophy that are relevant to present-day controversies. The topics may be general (e.g., the Presocratics, Greek Naturalism, or the Debate Over Human Nature); more specific (e.g., Philosophy's Critique of Rhetoric, Philosophy and Democracy, Philosophy and Tragedy, or Realism and Anti-Realism); or author-centred (e.g., Socrates & Pato, Plato vs. Thucydides, Aristotle, Plotinus). Students will be expected to complete a major research paper, including a review of selected secondary literature, and to read and comment on work by other students. Please inquire about content of the current offering.

3 lecture hours per week, one term

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Instructor: Steven Robinson