62:160 Computer Science I [Richards]

Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus 40S or Applied Mathematics 40S (or equivalent) or 62:090.

An introduction to digital systems, flowcharting, pseudocoding, and programming using the Java programming language. Structured programming techniques will be discussed. The course is aimed at students in the biological, physical, and social sciences, as well as those students in Mathematics and Computer Science. Examples will be drawn from the entire spectrum of application areas; however, problem solving utilizing a graphical package will be stressed. The underlying mathematical base will not be emphasized.

Students with High School Computer Science 305 (40S), or equivalent, may request Advanced Placement and enter 62:161 or 62:206 directly. Those students who do so must consult with the Department Chair in order to verify their qualifications and to sequence their course time table appropriately.

Is is recommended that students take 62:156 Finite Mathematics concurrently.

3 lecture hours per week, 1 laboratory hour per week , one term

Successors: 16:180, 62:161, 62:265, 62:287, 72:281, 74:264, 74:281.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 62:160 in the BU Course Transfer Database.

Instructor: John Chen