90:353 Women in the Criminal Justice System [Petrella]

This course encourages students to critically approach the criminal justice system in Canada from the standpoint of gender. It specifically fleshes out debates around race, ethnicity and class, approaching the issues of women as victims and offenders, and as professionals and agents within the criminal justice system. The course will explore a variety of themes. First, the processes and structures that designate female criminality will be analyzed. Second, we will explore in what way the legislature, the police, the courts and the correction system deal with both female crime victims and female perpetrators. Third, the differential application of the law with respect to gender, race and class will be analyzed. The political, economic and cultural contexts within which legal decisions are articulated will be explored. Finally, the course will study how women are employed and work within the criminal justice system, offering an overview of the challenges they face.

Instructor: Serena Petrella