Prerequisites: Physics 40S or 74:090, and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S or permission of Instructor.

Cannot be held with: 74:132 or 74:151.

This course is a calculus based introduction to classical mechanics and thermodynamics. Topics include translational kinematics and dynamics, rotational kinematics and dynamics, linear momentum and conservation laws, work and energy, gravity, fluid statics and dynamics, heat, first and second laws of thermodynamics, irreversibility. This course is intended for students considering further study in physics, engineering or the physical sciences. Students intending to major or minor in physics must also take 62:181 Calculus I concurrently.

3 lecture hours per week, 3 laboratory hours per week , one term

Successors: 42:269, 62:276, 62:364, 74:162, 74:269, 74:272, 74:273, 74:275, 74:276, 74:364.

Transfer Equivalents: Look up 74:161 in the BU Course Transfer Database.