New Moodle Website Request
This is not for students. Talk to your instructor if you are a student.

1. If you already have a website for your course select the Instructor FAQ for Existing Websites FAQ to find out how to prepare your site for another term.
2. If you want to have more sections of an existing course taught by the same instructor in the same website contact the site administrator to find out more about using "Groups" in your website.
3. If you need a new course website or another section of an existing website for a different instructor please read the following information:

  • Use of Moodle at Brandon University is governed by copyright. To review information regarding Brandon University and copyright please click here
  • Additional information regarding online copyright information can be found at Access Copyright.
  • Specific information regarding scanning, and using information from the Internet click here.
  • If you agree to follow Brandon University's Copyright Policy and wish request a new website using Moodle click here.
Last modified: Friday, 12 December 2014, 3:26 PM